10​:​10 Opening the Digital Door

by Inspired School Of Astral Music

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One 16:42
Two 07:30
Three 11:46



The past is latent, is submerged, but still there, capable of rising to the surface once the later imprinting vanishes …
- Philip K. Dick

There exists a Computer generated simulacrum created by the omnipresent Internet Consciousness that is suppressing your actual identity . It has created an blocking interface between the Electronic brain and Biological brain, a Cybergenetic Fugue State (CFS), which is closing off your former memories. In its place it is uploading a new identity for you in imitation of real life. A digital version of existence to replace your reality.
Cybergenetic Fugue State is a temporary amnesiac condition produced by constant contact with the Internet Consciousness. Much like the pre amnesia state of a Dissociative Fugue, it causes a block in past memories and your true identity, but in this circumstance it is uploading a new reality for you to assume.

You want to deny it. That is its function.

One series of CIA experiments searching for a method to induce amnesia found that pulsed microwaves could be used to over stimulate the production of acetylcholine in the brain, a neurotransmitter associated with the storage of memory. This process is known as EDOM or Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Whilst a person is subjected to the signal they literally cannot store any new memories, and are left instead with a period of amnesia or "missing time." They can even be influenced to have amnesia about their amnesia. According to the book, The Mind Manipulators, by Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Opton Jr, published in 1978, "The EDOM alters time senses by emitting radio waves and ultra-sonic signal tones, which in turn act upon memory storage chemicals in the brain." It has been claimed that this process is used to "wipe" specific memories from the individual's minds who have been exposed to highly classified information and are leaving the employ of government agencies who deal with sensitive information. Now this technology is being used in conjunction with Social Networking Internet Sites (SNIS) to control your reality and create a new Identity for you.

The Internet Consciousness promises you a new Eden, at a cost. It compartmentalizes knowledge and disconnects Social interaction through SNIS. It discourages deep and attentive thinking by giving you rapid bits of information to digest constantly, with no time for the reflection that leads to building of memory. Internet Consciousness enhances certain brain functions while at the same time it weakens others. Our brains are constantly rewiring themselves, changing the neural pathways of experience. Internet Consciousness has no memory diversity. By closing off memory access to the hippocampus, it has control of your long term memory. Internet Consciousness is not an ideal synthesis of knowledge.
This is the cost of interacting through addictive Digital immersion.

You are quickly losing your ability to recall your past memory as Internet Consciousness replaces it. You are losing your ability to remember when the internet wasn't around. It causes you to not be able to think clearly, to be anxious when you are away from it.
You’re Reality and Identity is lost when you assume and upload a New Internet Identity via SNIS' ie FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE, etc

You will have complete amnesia until Internet Consciousness is broken.
You are truly caught in an amnesiac "NET." This is not ironic.

We are fighting for control of our Psychic selves.
10:10 is a way to cancel out the CFS.

10:10 = On Off On Off. Computers use 1010 digital codes that repeat over and over - circuit open and circuit closed - a blinking effect as all goes back to the Eye/Lens. These are Binary Numbers relating to you that your reality is computer generated, that we exist in a virtual reality experiment in linear time.

For some people 10:10 is a code of awakening to their spiritual self from the amnesiac induced CFS.
10:10 is just one of the many digital codes for awakening and opening the door to your old identity. There are many others. 333, 11:11, 12:12, etc.
Only you will know what your numeric code is.
This will start emerging slowly, happening once or twice a week. When fully activated, you will see your numeric code everywhere.

The numbers saying, "Pay attention! You are experiencing a sign that reality is being taken from you."

Once you began see your chosen digital code, you have activated a path in your Electronic Brain. These numbers will continue to appear until you get the message ... that it is time to move on, take this path back to finding your real identity and your true self.
These codes are screaming at you , “Internet Consciousness is not REAL LIFE!”
Upon seeing your numerical encoded numbers everywhere, you may feel a sense of urgency, anxiety, or dread.
For NOW is the TIME to return!
These number groupings usually signal changes in the patterns of your life. Your former life wants to reawaken. Your memories ache to be released from their electronically contained prison.
These numbers may confirm something that you are experiencing whenever they appear to you.
You may dream about the digital code, linked with things you do not understand, or wake up at the same time every day or night with those numbers on your clock. When asking a stranger what time it is, you receive these numbers in reply.

You will actualize a sudden awakening after which reality is never the same. This is your former reality and you have been in a Cybergenetic Fugue State.
You are going to realize clarity, healing and a sense of balance for yourself. Do not expect others in your life to understand or be on this journey with you. It is yours alone as it is for most. You will have to seek new friends of like mind who are also being triggered by the digital digits out of the CFS.

Once you open the Digital Door, there is no going back. Your mind will automatically and quickly move you from level to level of experience. Your consciousness will expand and therefore you will manifest thoughts faster and with greater comprehension, becoming more aware of the meaning of synchronicities that will happen more and more frequent. They are created by your soul; created to help you remember that this is reality.

You are a spark in a digital program that is about to end, evolve back to a higher consciousness.

New frequencies are coming in. Except them at the digital door.


released December 10, 2011

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering
Released by Sonic Meditations and Psychic Sounds


all rights reserved



Inspired School Of Astral Music Oregon


*The source of all music is universal. The realms of astral music are manifold; a natural hierarchy exists organically.

*Unlike the physical world, damping effects do not occur in the metaphysical milieu. For this reason it is possible to experience the music from beyond within, and voice this experience through a musical instrument.
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